Google Pay Send v22 rolls out with branding modifications and enables payment reminders [APK Download]

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If you were around for the other day’s activities, you have actually already seen that Android Pay has actually been switched over to the new Google Pay branding, in addition to some upgrades to both the look and function. As part of the statement, we were told that the Google Wallet app would be going through a short-term rebranding of its own, handling the name Google Pay Send. That version is now here, and unsurprisingly, it has been provided some small visual touch-ups. But not only that, it in fact also got the reminders feature that was recently spotted in a teardown.What’s New Unofficial Changelog:(the stuff we found)Google Pay rebranding Payment Reminders Notification channel Google Pay rebranding

  • The changes to the main Google Pay app weren’t very severe,
  • but there were certainly some meaningful modifications to layouts, colors, and various other elements of the app. When it comes to the Google Pay Send app, those modifications are even less substantial. For the many part, we’re just taking a look at a huge number of changes from the word Wallet to either Pay or Pay Send out, depending upon context.Left: v21. : v22.For the most part, the only changes you’re truly going to see is a restyled action bar at the top and a couple of tweaked colors here and there. Considering this entire app

    is going to be absorbed into the primary Google Pay app, I marvel even this much effort went into the rebranding.Reminders It may come as a little bit of a surprise, provided that the Google Pay Send app isn’t really wish for this world, however it really got some new functions. Possibly the developers wished to at least have their work seen.Left: v21. Right: v22.The huge addition in this update is payment tips. Initially identified in a teardown of Wallet v21, you’ll now get a choice to establish a tip after you have actually sent or asked for loan. Examine out that brand brand-new button.Reminders can be set up with a quantity, a time of day (early morning, afternoon, evening, or night), the frequency (weekly, month-to-month, or yearly),

    and either a day of the month or year, depending upon the frequency.Once a suggestion is set, it will appear in the Google House app, Calendar, and Inbox. Given that this app is going to be decommissioned, it’s fairly reasonable that it doesn’t in fact have its own screen for viewing such reminders.Reminders displayed in Inbox.Reminders will likely make the shift to the Google Pay app once the Send out functionality is merged in. Hopefully it will likewise submit a few of the little spaces, like a screen to see payment pointersand possibly an alternative to produce

    the tips without initiating them initially with a payment request.Notification channel Left: v21. : v22.There really isn’t really much to state about it, however there is also a brand-new notice channel now. It’s just one single channel called Google Pay Send, which indicates it’s not actually any different from app developed for variations of Android prior to notification channels existed. Nevertheless, it

    ‘s there if you wish to muck with

    it.Download The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your

    existing app. The cryptographic signature assurances that the file is safe to set up and was not tampered with in any way. Instead of await Google to press this download to your gadgets, which can take days, download and install it much like any other APK.Version: 22.0.185571266

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